Roof Coating

Make Your Home Look Great with Professional Roof Coating

One of the most popular trends in property management is painting the roof with specialist roof coating materials, and now homeowners are discovering an interest in this material. There are several reasons why this innovation can be a great investment for a property, including protecting the exterior value of the home and also working to keep the interiors cool by deflecting UV rays. It is one way to save money on a home, and Just Right Painting encourages homeowners to find out more about how this coating can work for the home as well as saving money. Painting experts can offer advice about the best way to manage adding a layer of coating to the roof.

Saving Money With Silicone Coating

The most common type of coating used on roofs by the property management teams is a silicon coating which is designed to illuminate leaks and extend the life of an ageing roof by a few years. When the exterior roof of a property is ageing, it might start to leak as it breaks down, and adding a silicon coating is the only solution to this problem that doesn’t involve paying to completely redo the old roof. While the homeowner may have to spend a few thousand dollars getting this coating applied to the roof, a complete re-roofing of the property can be as much as $100,000. In this instance, it makes sense to search for a leak resistant coating that will protect the roof, rather than hoping that an ageing roof will last until next year. Investing in a silicone coating for the roof will prove an investment in the long term. The thicker mixture of silicone is also likely to help insulate the property, making it less likely to lose heat in the winter, or absorb heat in the summer.

Keeping Cool With Coatings For A Roof

Another advantage for many homeowners is that coatings can be applied that are designed to keep the interior of the property cool even on very hot days. With temperatures in Los Angeles rising each summer, it makes sense to try to reduce the temperature as much as possible in the property. Modern developments in house paints has allowed some experts at Purdue University to produce a paint that is able to cool surfaces “to below the surrounding air temperature, even under sunlight”. While not all coating for roofs can manage to do this yet, special coatings can be applied that will help you to keep your home cooler during the summer months. When you live in Los Angeles, this can only be an advantage. Some professional work has already been done on buildings around LA in an attempt to keep the interiors cooler during the summer. Deflecting heat is one of the best ways to keep a property cool, since it prevents the heat from reaching the interior in the first place.

Making Your Roof Attractive

Alongside all of these advantages, one of the main reasons why so many people choose to have coating applied to their roofs is that it can look very attractive. Homeowners should be able to get an appealing color for the roof or choose a bright white that is designed to resist heat absorption. Whatever you decide, it is likely that your roof will look much fresher and bright, and as well as saving you money and keeping your roof cool, looking appealing can add more value to your property.

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If you are looking at your move and believe that the only alternative to a complete re-roofing of the property is to apply a silicone roof coat. This will achieve a number of benefits for your property, increasing its value and meaning that you can save money on your investment. To find out more about how you can benefit from this type of coating, you should speak to Just Right Painting today. We can help you to learn more about coating for roofs and offer you advice about best way to add a fresh coating to your property. To talk to us today, simply fill out our online contact form or call (888) 727-8417 now.